Monday, November 26, 2007

Notes to self

Consider now your father's death.
Did you understand his wishes?
Did you carry them out well?

Consider how your father died.
Did he go as he'd approved?
Is there any good way to go into the long night?

See all the days of your shared lives.
Re-consider how well you lived them.
Did you really do all you could?

Feel his absence to the depth of your being.
Allow yourself to hurt and cry and mourn,
and live your remaining days accordingly.

Consider now your own young son.
Re-member your father knew not his father,
and do what you can to prepare that boy.

Give him what your father gave you
and add ten measures more, daily.
Give things that will endure when you are gone.

Consider your father's death
Consider how your own may come,
and live today as if a herald of that day.

G. Douglas Clarke, September 13, 2007

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