Wednesday, March 25, 2009

War on poverty

Recent analysis confirms that the poor are still with us. Further, many of them are still people of color -- higher percentages than "whites" like me. But there are more of all kinds, as the richest get richer.

Robert F. Kennedy's challenge, wish, and dream is unfulfilled.

"We cannot denounce extremists who reject our social system if we do not prove that system is capable of helping people lead a better life. This is the challenge I have come to offer you -- whether you are willing to apply the flexibility of our fiscal and economic tools to the great task of rebuilding our nation's shame -- and providing promise to the next generation of the poor, now dying slow, quiet deaths in our ghettos."

Those who say we should just let the poor fend for themselves (and of course few will come right out and say this, but many MEAN it, even if they won't say it), should be made to suffer their own prescription.

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