Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Sad State

Someone I know just posted an item on Facebook in which they stated they agree with a single sentence quoted from Vice President Joe Biden, which they interpret to mean that we can do nothing to save lives lost to gunfire?  In the next breath, Biden said there were things we COULD do that would not infringe upon Second Amendment rights that would help to reduce the likelihood of people dying.  The Vice President was obviously saying nothing could be done to GUARANTEE that no-one else would die unnecessarily, but that reasonable actions COULD be taken.
This same "friend" of mine had JUST accused someone else of taking a quote out of context, in which they quoted Jefferson and others as saying that this is not a Christian nation.  Sheesh.
Anyone who is satisfied with the idea that we can do NOTHING to prevent innocent people from dying at the hands of people with guns, is in a sad state.
Furthermore, this is the same person who not long ago agreed with another "conservative" on Facebook, that dialoguing with me on Facebook had reinforced their views and made them glad they were "conservatives".  Both of these men continue to regard me congenially, and I don't think they intended to insult me, but it was a slap in the face, nevertheless.  My efforts to engage in reasonable discussions on real issues, had only caused them to double down on their self-inflicted ignorance?  If it only produces the backfire effect -- meaning that people react to disconfirming evidence by strengthening their previous beliefs -- then I guess I'm done dialoguing with them.

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