Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Okay, you walked to my house in the heat of the day, so you were thirsty.  I never would withhold water from a thirsty man, and I don't mind that you entered my house to get some.
You came to my house because you were frightened, but you came when you knew I'd be at work, and didn't bother to use my telephone to call and tell me you were in my home?!  But what if my wife or son had come home to find you in our home?
So I come home from work to find you in my yard and you tell me your troubles.  No problem, but I had things I needed to do, and the following day is my wedding anniversary.  Then I see you have one of my beers in your hand.  Okay, one beer.  I won't begrudge you that.
I make some telephone calls for you and my wife feeds you supper.  Then I drive you to a place where you can stay for a while and get your equilibrium.  But only when I ask directly, do you admit that you had not one, but six, of my beers in my absence.  You say it was because you were bored?!
Seriously, is there a problem here?

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